The natural chicanes and scenery at the biennial East African Safari Rally make for incredible views and racing. Over 9 days, competitors slogged through water crossing, came close to rolling over cliffs, and stirred up plenty of red earth along the way.

Those rock chicanes proved to be more than what driver Geoff Bell and his poor Datsun could handle. Apparently determined to launch his 260Z into space, Mr. Bell loses control, hits the larger of the two rocks at a perfect angle for bad air time, lands among the trees, and comes to a rolling stop. Both he and co-driver, Tim Challen, are ok, otherwise I wouldn't be making this post.


At the end, Original Stig, aka Stig Blomqvist, lost the event to Ian Duncan, when his Tuthill prepared Porsche received a tire puncture. At age 67, he lead off and on by mere seconds almost the entire race, only to lose within sight of the finish line. What a kick in the tender bits after such a lengthy competition.

I look forward to the next EASC in 2015 for more highlights, fantastic cars, and great competition.

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