Sebastien Loeb Just Beat Most of his Competitors in a Motorcycle Race

Is there anything this man can't do? At this point, the answer is a resounding non. At yesterday's Scorpion Masters tournament, Loeb went on to beat professional motorcyclists at their own game. Among those competing were David Checa, Loris Baz, Antoine Meo, and my favorite enduro rider, David Knight.


After all the competitive events took place, including Trial, Enduro, Supermoto and Road racing, Mr.Loeb came away placing 13th out of 28th. On a bike. He was the only regular cager. Everyone else he competed against regularly race motorcycles in some form or another. This is a photo of the official results.

David Knight took the win in a decisive manner, natch, but once again, Loeb showed us just how extraordinary he is competing in any sort of motorsports, two wheels or four.

All images, Facebook.

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