Another win for Vettel and Red Bull! Whooo Hoo! How exciting!

Or perhaps not. Like a flock of aggressive crows, or plague of locust, F1 fans descend en masse to social media and voice their displeasure at Vettel's continuing winning streak. "This is boring." "So predicable." "NASCAR fans would never put up with this." On and on, making sure not only misery loves company, but that everyone else hears their whiny, rant filled, sound bites.

You know what? Boo fricking Hoo. How are you not happy? Oh wait. As of late, you're never happy.

A boring and dominate driver? Via Virtual Statman's Twitter account,"Sebastian Vettel and Michael Schumacher have won 127 #F1 Grands Prix since the beginning of 1994, or 38%. Incredible numbers."

In other words, after almost TWENTY YEARS how are you not used to ONE or TWO drivers dominating the scene? This isn't something new that's happened in the last season. On top of that, you have a driver who is thumbing his nose at the FIA's donut rules, and laid down yet another circular patch of burning rubber after today's race. That's glorious.

OMG Y U SPOIL THE RACE?! You're on a motorsports blog. On an auto web site. What, exactly, were you expecting to see? Instead of hitting the keyboard to file a complaint with the authorities, stay off of social media until you have seen the race. Half the world has seen it already. We're not waiting for your simpering sessions, or your self imposed time schedule to share highlights or results. NO other series fans complain about this. In fact, many other series join together on social media sites to enjoy a race or event together.


The difference between you and fans of other series is striking. New rider in MotoGP dominating? MotoGP fans are excited beyond belief at a young talent breaking records and a few rules along the way. WRC fans? They dealt with Loeb and turned him into a King, not a goat. Both he and Citroen dominated for almost a decade until it was Loeb's choice to step aside and start something new. While there was reasonable discussion regarding if his lengthy reign helped or hurt WRC, there wasn't a heaping snarky accompaniment of whether he was good, or if it was his car. No one questioned how talented he was. I have also yet to see the amount of back handed compliments dished out in Loeb's direction that have been served up on Vettel's platter.

There are complaints to be had about F1. There is no arguing that. Exploding tires, idiotic rules, pay to play, etc. However, the amount and tone of whining, and personal vitriol is not in proportion to the issues involved.

Lighten up. Enjoy Formula One for the great feats of engineering and driving that make the series what it is.


Image, Infiniti Red Bull Racing.