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Goodbye, Simon Andrews

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After a tragic accident at this year's Northwest 200, Simon Andrews has passed away. I'm trying to find the words on why I was such a huge fan, or even how to describe him. We didn't lose a legend, or the best road racer, or someone who broke records. He came in 9th, or 7th, or 16th. He'd make it to the podium here and there. Si raced road and track and placed about as well in both.


However, Si was so much more than his on paper statistics.

Si, and I'm crying as I write this, Si was That Guy to the nth degree. Road racers are a different breed, and Si was among them living his life to the fullest. Si went hard on the gas, hard on the road, and full bore in his life. He went all out on his recovery from last year's crash. If I recall correctly, his first tweet back was talking about the nurses by his bed side. He found humor in so much, it was awesome to see. Whether he was joking about his last wreck, taking the piss out of John McGuinness during a Honda Legends race, doing imitations of people, or letting us know he was going to "run a train," through a box of cookies he excitedly just found, he was so light in a sport that can have some real danger and darkness to it.


Perhaps that was Simon just balancing it all out. I loved watching Simon race. I loved hearing about his runs in endurance racing. I chuckled at his antics in the box, and in his life. He died earlier today, age just 30, and I will miss him for a long, long, long time. Goodbye, Si, and thanks for everything.

Heather can be found on Twitter @McNewbie1. Image pulled from Facebook.

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