Sebastian Vettel won his fourth World Driver's Championship, as expected, this weekend. To celebrate he did some donuts. The fun police promptly slapped him with a €25,000. This is the BS that makes F1 way less fun than it should be.


It isn't like Mark Webber's taxi ride, which was penalized on grounds of safety. Instead, Vettel was penalized for not proceeding directly to parc ferme for post-race technical inspection. That's right, the stewards put the kibosh on one of the few acts of emotion we've seen from Vettel because they couldn't wait to hide his car away from fans and measure it.

The biggest BS of the whole thing is that donuts are hardly anything that might benefit a car under post race inspection. The two most common tech failures, being underweight and not having enough fuel in the tank, will only be more likely with a car that has been doing donuts. The stewards really had nothing to worry about, if his car wasn't going to pass before the donuts, it sure wasn't going to pass afterward. Let him have his fun, something sorely lacking in modern F1 (registered trademark).

Team Lotus also found itself in a bit of hot water over profanities over their team radio communications when Kimi Raikkonen was holding up Romain Grosjean. How dare they! At least they didn't get fined, though with the state of Formula One today nobody's allowed to do anything not fully corporate and sanitized. Telling a driver to "move out of the ****ing way" just isn't bland enough for a team not to apologize.


F1 doesn't need all out pit lane brawls, but would it hurt them to show some emotion once in a while?

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