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Should Scott Tucker Be Banned from Racing

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After reading this exclusive on Reuters about the further legal issues of Scott Tucker, it's time to think about banning Scott from Sports Car racing permanently. While Mr.Tucker has not been convicted, his reasons for Level 5 leaving The Tudor Racing Series were detrimental to the organization. Anyone that's been following the drama of teams leaving Tudor/IMSA, knows what an uproar Level 5 leaving caused. He falsely made it seem through his managers announcements, that the blame laid more on the shoulders of the IMSA than on him. Just one example.


Not to mention the hundreds of people who lost their jobs working for Level 5.

Or the teams that competed against Level 5, and lost. If it is true that Scott was funneling money to Level 5 to support his racing career, this is a big deal.


Highlights from the lawsuit include:

"According to the FTC, more than $40 million collected from borrowers by AMG and allegedly related companies was transferred by the Tuckers to Level 5 Motor Sports for sponsorship fees benefiting Scott Tucker's racing."

And "The FTC lawsuit accuses the companies and Tucker of deceptive practices, including failing to disclose to borrowers the true costs of loans and falsely threatening consumers with arrest or prosecutions if they failed to pay."


It's not as if he's been the only owner or racer who's been charged with crimes, or committed serious offenses. See the Whittingtons. If, and I said IF, Scott is convicted of these crimes, it's time to ban him from racing and from the paddock...for good.

Edit: Scott Tucker, while still owner of Level 5, was not paying for this season of racing. The reasons for Level 5 leaving are still as they have stated publicly, as far as anyone knows. My opinion on his banning from racing IF he is proven guilty of the charges, still holds.


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