What lies before you is a haven of motorsport. Rennsport is a project born in the annals of Jalopnik's Oppositelock, here to provide you with in depth, up-to-the minute news about every facet of every major form of motor racing in the world. Whether you'd like to read how Marc Márquez's unbelievable rookie season in MotoGP became to be so spectacular, what Ford Performance Racing is doing to secure it's future in V8 Supercars, (even if they lose their support from the blue oval), or what exactly car chief Ron Malec adds to the Hendrick Motorsports #48 team that brings it so many wins, we're here to provide intelligent insight and a unique view on the news of the racing world.

We aren't aiming to be the Ferrari of motorsports blogs. No, we aim to be the Phoenix Racing. We may have a staff made up of four hobbyist writers, a staff made up of four racing outsiders, but that's irrelevant, for we're not here to simply become the ultimate racing news outlet. Rennsport is comprised of authors that yearn to analyze Australian Touring Car Masters races just for the fun of it all. We're also here to bring you things you've never seen before.

Who makes up this staff of four? I'm glad you asked, hypothetical person! We are as follows:

McNewbie is a former art magician of some sort, renowned the world over for her unbelievable passion for motorcycle racing. We do not bring up the sheep smuggling incident, aka The Unimog Files, with her. Ever. You can follow her on Twitter at @McNewbie1. For an example of her fantastic work, read this.


Nobody is perhaps the only man in the world that actually understands Australian Rules Football, including the Hawthorn Hawks, the newly crowned AFL Grand Final champions themselves. In his free time, he's a full time meteorology student. You can follow him on Twitter at @NobodyFromOppo. For an example of his fantastic work, read this.

Bakkster may be the only World Touring Car Championship fanatic to never be employed by RML. For him the less downforce and more fenders, the better. You can follow him on Twitter at @bakkster. For an example of his fantastic work, read this.


Porsche9146 is a self-described "Formula E Prophet" and the sort of person that changes their listed location on Twitter to "Winton, Australia" just to see if anyone notices (EDITOR'S NOTE: They don't notice). You can follow him on Twitter at @Posche914yr74. For an example of his work, read this.


Our four full-time staff members are joined by a bevy of contributors you will get to know as they appear.

You can follow Rennsport itself on Twitter at @RennsportStaff.

Welcome to what we hope will be at least your third or fourth favorite motor racing website. Welcome to Rennsport.