Oh. My. Word. MotoGP rider, Marc Marquez, tweeted this photo from his account two days ago. The image on his shirt is also the image on the back of his helmet. It was the best photo I could find in terms of both viewing, and not getting yelled at for copyright infringement. If I had known about Marquez's clearly racist helmet and t-shirt design for two days, why haven't I said anything yet?

Because I know Marc is young, from Spain, and still needs to learn how to handle his helmet. Marquez seems like a nice young man. I knew an apology for improper helmet use was coming. He issued one earlier today. Undoubtedly, some older, wiser, man, sat him down, and made him aware that's not how one should handle a helmet. A helmet is an opportunity to show your respect and admiration for the ladies. It is not to be abused, nor used to show a lack of respect, or cultural awareness of others. I hope the young Marquez learned a lesson from the heat he has taken with his helmet use in Japan. He should grow from it, and practice safe helmet use in the future.

As for you, Spain. I get that you're a fairly homogeneous culture, but before you place your athletes on an international stage, a little sensitivity training might be in order. See, entire Spanish basketball team at the 2008 Olympics.