Tuthill Porsche has put together a gorgeous trailer for an upcoming documentary on their run in the legendary Safari Rally. While the Safari Rally is no longer on the WRC circuit, it still takes place in its full glory biennially. This past year, Tuthill Porsche entered 17 of their rally prepped Porsches, making it the largest private rally effort ever assembled. Drivers had to skillfully avoid cows, donkeys, cars, and the odd elephant or two, on their way to the finish line. One of Tuthill's cars was driven by "Original Stig," Stig Blomqvist. After a fierce back and forth battle between Blomqvist and Kenyan rally legend, Ian Duncan, Blomqvist would go on to lose by a mere 3 seconds. One of the main reasons for his loss was a blown tire that occurred within sight of the finish line. I imagine after 9 hot and dusty days, that was quite the kick in the arse. Duncan, would go onto win the 2013 Safari Rally.

The documentary will be released online, for free,(!!!), on Tuthill's youtube channel. Stay tuned, as I will post it here on Rennsport as soon as it becomes available.


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