Ok, there's no such thing, but there damn well should be. American rider, Muggleton, gives Australian rider, Mark Davidson, the encouragement and support he needs to go on to finish the grueling event. Mark clearly looks broken and ready to give up. Both men are in tears for a great majority of the vid. I've found two versions of this clip. One on French, and the one below in Spanish. Neither language is my forte. I don't know exactly what is being said, but you don't need to know. The looks on the rider's faces, and the images tells it all. I do have to say, the music adds a certain dramatic charm to the whole thing. Dakar is quite dramatic enough on its own.

In a race where competitors can behave in their own best interests, there are always, without fail, tales of great teamwork and sportsmanship along the way. To see both of these men run the gamut of emotions, and to know Mark is on his way again, makes me swell with patriotic pride. Kevin, you are a hero.

Quick, someone bring me a bald eagle to hug.

Spanish language version: