By now, most of you who follow NASCAR have either read the 2012 Sprint Cup Champ's cringe inducing comments on concussions, or watched as he doubled, then tripled down his remarks on Twitter. His remarks ranged from the uneducated to the down right insulting, peppered with a heaping dose of some "self responsibility," justification.

Example from his Twitter feed: "I believe that self responsibility more often then not serves the common good for man kind. My health= my responsibility." The hell it is when you're on a track with a group of your fellow racers hitting speeds between 150 and 190 mph. If there was such a thing as personal responsibility in NASCAR, there wouldn't be mandated drug testing to make sure your fellow competitor isn't getting high on meth, then hitting the track and using the rest of you as bumper cars. I woke up this morning still incredulous at Brad's multitude of ignorant remarks. "Doctors aren't risk takers." What? Ask anyone who's worked in ER what kind of risks they take. Split second life saving or, life ending risks, that's what kind. Not,"hey, who can I bump draft with for the next 500 miles." Who risks more?


I started to write a rant several times last night and this morning. By late this morning, I knew there was only one person on the planet I really wanted to ask what they thought of Brad's remarks. That would be the wise F1 Doctor, Gary Hartstein. I hit the former Dr. on Twitter, and sent him Jordan's article from SB Nation with the above link. The good Doctor wrote up this brilliant reply to Brad's remarks on his personal blog. Titled, "We really need to have a word about baseline concussion testing," it's a must read for, well, anyone. Please check it out and sound off on both Brad's comments and Dr.Hartstein's blog post in the replies.

Besides his blog, you can find Dr.Hartstein on Twitter.

Image from Flickr.