Another fantastic Dakar rally raid is in the books and highlights of all kinds are still trickling in. For starters, I present The Triple Lulz.
I assume "vuelco" in the YouTube clip title, means lulz, because there's plenty of it. (Yes, I know it means "upset" in Spanish. Just roll with it).

The first truck goes into the ravine, followed by a semi ghost riding quad upset. Then another truck comes along, and he sure as shirt is going to make it, just needs some gaaaasssss! Ooops. That would be a no go. I admire the great feats performed by the men and women who took part in the toughest race in the world. However, I am amused by these sorts of events along the way too. If you have any clips or images to share from Dakar, please leave them in the comments below.