After a largely uneventful race 1, race 2 of the WTCC Guia Race of Macau was marred by 2 lengthy red flags. The first, giffed above, happened on the first turn of the race when Norbert Michelisz lost control of his Honda Civic and set off a chain reaction. Pepe Oriola, when asked how he made it through the wreckage, said, "I don't know how I did it."

The second red flag does not fit into a single gif. It all started when Eurico De Jesus hit the disabled Cruze of Tom Chilton. This incident alone probably would have only drawn a safety car, but then all heck broke loose. The wreck caused a bottleneck, and the guys approaching the incident didn't have time to stop, and then, well...

Of the 33 starters for race 2, only 15 finished. Robb Huff took the victory, while Yvan Muller took the win in race 1. Muller ended the season as champion, the 4th of his career.